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Welcome Fellow Survivors!!

I've been on Dialysis for over 10 years, and through the course of this process, I've noticed that there is nothing sufficient enough to cover our accesses.  The sports sleeves are too tight to use, and socks are not strong enough to protect your lifeline.  NuniBands is an access arm cover company that caters to dialysis and cancer treatment patients.  NuniBands camouflages the scarring on your arm that are developed through dialysis or cancer treatment.  NuniBands are made in spandex, sheer net and stretch lace, in all colors and sizes and some fashionable prints and designs.  NuniBands are also water resistant and come in 2 different styles, one for the upper arm and one for the lower or forearm.

The main purpose of NuniBand’s Corporation is to provide a fashionable cover for your life scars.  Nunibands will provide protection from the sun and dirt, and will also be a warning that this part of your arm is sensitive.  Even though dialysis and/or cancer treatment does prolong the length of our lives, it also leaves scars.  Nunibands wants to encourage people on dialysis to have the freedom to wear clothing with no boundaries.

When the summer comes around, it was difficult to enjoy the weather due to my arm not looking so good.  Wearing a fashionable product that can protect your fistula/graft is the greatest answer to our summertime issues.  This NuniBand will Revolutionize the Dialysis Nation by giving us the freedom to "Live Life With No Boundaries".

The confidence I felt by wearing a NuniBand was incredible.  No one ever asks "what's wrong with your arm?"  They just see it as a beautiful cover that's stylish.  Since I've been wearing NuniBands, I've been so much more active in my life.  I go to the gym to exercise now, which is necessary for people on Dialysis to build up their strength.  I love swimming, and being that NuniBands are water resistant, they allow me to get more exercise in the pool.  

Currently there are only online sites that provide dialysis clothing or an access cover up. There are none that have 3 different types of material, and come in all colors and sizes.  NuniBands are exclusively designed for dialysis and cancer treatment patients to have the freedom to dress anyway they choose by providing a variety of colors, styles and sizes.  NuniBands will be solving 2 problems at the same time.  By wearing a NuniBand you increase your self-esteem and cover and protect your access at the same time.   NuniBands, Inc. will also be providing product to all Nursing Home & Rehabilitation residents that are on Dialysis.

So please, go to my Catalog and choose your NuniBand now!!!!!

Love Nina