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About Us


Hello fellow survivors!!  My name is Nina Dula, I grew up in Red Hook Projects until I was 33 years old.  I bought a house in 1999 and moved to Long Island for the well being of my 2 kids.  After 6 years there, my kidneys began to fail.   In January, 2006 I started Dialysis in Garden City Dialysis Center.  During August, 2009, I received the greatest gift; I had a living donor kidney transplant from my daughter, Lakia.  Not being able to vacation for so many years, I wanted to go away to Jamaica, but I saw the scarring on my arm and decided not to go.  My aunt is a seamstress and she mentioned covering it up with a comfortable stretch material.  So, I began to experiment  with some spandex material and came up with my product, "NuniBands".   This "Access Cover Up" has given me my self-esteem back, that I didn't know I lost.  It gave me the confidence to be more active in life.  I want other dialysis or cancer treatment patients to have the same kind of confidence.

After my transplant I moved back to Brooklyn.  Many patients at my dialysis unit began asking where I got my access cover from.  I replied, My aunt made it for me.  My first sale was in June 2013, but it became too much for my aunt make.  Since then, I've learned how to sew and have been producing my product for other dialysis patients.  I began to go to the different centers in Brooklyn and began face to face sales.   I have Incorporated "NuniBands, Inc", in August, 2015 and filed my patent and trademark papers.

Please support this Black Women Owned Company that will benefit the Dialysis Nation.  NuniBands, Inc. is a company that will promote Kidney Disease Awareness to the younger generation, so they won't end up with End Stage Renal Disease.  My company will also donate nunibands to Rehabilitation and Nursing Home residents that are Dialysis Treatment.


Love, Nina